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Medicine access is one of our nation’s most pressing problems– more people die each year from not taking their medicine than from opioid overdoses and car accidents combined. SIRUM has a solution: we collect unexpired, surplus medications from hundreds of medicine donors, including nursing homes and pharmacies, and provide them to patients in need. SIRUM’s model is based on Good Samaritan drug laws, that enable donating sealed, unexpired, non-opioid drugs that otherwise go to waste. We have used these policies to facilitate the donation of over $66 million of medicine, enough for over 750,000 prescriptions. We aim to expand access to medicine for the 10 million low-income adults with a chronic condition who cannot afford the medicine they need.


Adam KircherAdam Kircher
Chief Technology Architect

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George WangGeorge J. Wang, Ph.D.
Medicine Donors