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Adalat AI is a legaltech non-profit building AI and technological solutions for justice systems to end judicial delays and improve access to justice in India and the developing world. In collaboration with courts, we are pioneering AI-powered legal transcription software specifically designed to assist court judges and stenographers. Our tool is finely tuned to a comprehensive lexicon of legal jargon and Indian pronunciations, ensuring accuracy and relevancy in transcribing witness testimonies, court orders, and judgments, unlike generic, costly alternatives.

Join us in revolutionizing the legal system. Partner with Adalat AI to bring cutting-edge, AI-driven solutions to every courtroom, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and scalability, delivering faster and fairer justice for all.

Our Team

Utkarsh SaxenaUtkarsh Saxena
Cofounder, CEO

Arghya BhattacharyaArghya Bhattacharya
Cofounder, CTO